A guy from the Great Plain in Hungary, who has been living in the capital for more than a decade, and earlier conducted chemical studies. Then, he moved to the technical field and graduated in the field of IT in Székesfehérvár, and then moved to Budapest. Maybe that is how I would put the first chapter of my own story as an outsider.

I love the gorgeous, soft lights. My pictures are characterised by spontaneous, captured moments, dominated by feelings and emotions. To record stories, capture small moments and convey all this in pictures, that is what photography means for me, which is also my passion.

I like discovering the world. I am longing for novelty and the unknown. I like taking photos at places where I have never been before especially because the possibilities offered by the environment and nature provide an incentive for my creativity.

Capturing visual contents has been present in my life since my early childhood. I started with videography. First, I played around with the Hi8 analog camera of the family. Then, combining it with digital imaging, I started to perform as a VJ on smaller and bigger electronic music parties, in the company of a lot of domestic and international performers. Maybe that is where it all started. At that time, I bought the first camera in my life, in order to produce short films for screenings, and then I thought, it would be worth to use pictures for these as well. And the production of pictures started. I was so fascinated by photography that I developed an interest for model photography, more specifically, for high fashion and beauty photography. Turning the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, I studied the lights, pictures and postures. This has led me to to take photos for several agencies and companies in Budapest, New York and Los Angeles. In addition, the couple and wedding photography has also emerged, for which I received a lot of inspiration from model photography.